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What is an Association Management Company (AMC)?


Wikipedia defines an association management company (AMC) as follows: “provides management and specialized administrative services to trade associations and professional societies using a for-profit approach that runs not-for-profit associations like businesses. AMCs manage associations of varying sizes (from 10 members to 10,000 members) and annual budgets. The AMC model affords association clients the characteristics of economies of scale, experience in the association marketplace, flexibility and adaptability, buying power and centralized facilities. AMCs typically provide strategic planning, financial management, executive management, membership development, marketing and public relations, educational and professional development, meeting and event planning, among other services.”


More simply, AMCs provide management and consulting services to not-for-profit, membership-based organizations that want to operate in a professional and business-like manner, while controlling cost and overhead. Most important, AMCs offer specialized knowledge in non-profit governance and practices.


Why do organizations contract with a professional AMC?


Initially, an association contracts with an AMC because their organization has become too complex to be managed by volunteers alone.


Whether an association is growing or well-established, an AMC can

  • Centralize association operations and data, and ensure continuity of policies and procedures, especially during leadership transitions and changes
  • Provide (and maintain) office infrastructure and staff so that the association does not have to incur the considerable costs and responsibilities of overhead and employees
  • Free elected leadership and volunteers to concentrate on strategic and creative initiatives, not day to day operations
  • Provide specialized association management expertise and guidance to fulfill the increasingly complex requirements for non-profit governance